Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When It's HOT,

Wash fabric!
I'm often asked why I prewash ALL of my fabric.  It's because I've had too many bleeding disasters in finished quilts.  Now I prewash before filing it in my stash.  Commercial prints are washed with Retayne, batiks and hand-dyes are washed with Synthropol.  Don't they look pretty hanging on the line?  They'll smell fresh and crisp, and there's very little pressing to be done.  Here is one of the fabrics - wouldn't you be glad if you'd plunged this into the tub before plugging it into your quilt?
Yesterday I committed to new carpet.  We've lived in this house for 19 years - we moved here in Sept, 1993.  The house was built in 1988.  After 25 years and 4 kids, our carpet has seen better days.  I am in a panic.  How does one get almost 20 years of accumulation off the floor and out of the rooms?  There's got to be a way to deal with it...I know!  I'll sew!

I have a month left before our Postmarkd Art deadline, so today I finished my "Monet" submissions.  They will go into tomorrow's mail.
I had a wonderful time making these.  I think I am hooked.
This one is my favorite.  I snipped some selvedges for the "message."
If I don't post much in the next few weeks, I've got my head down, cleaning and prepping for carpet.

If I do post in the next few weeks, I am avoiding all of the work that I SHOULD be doing.  Just thought you'd like to know.  :)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Sewing is the answer to all ones' dilemma's. I would assume moving furniture and stuff for new carpets is a lot like moving. I dread ever having to do that now.

Quilt Crazy said...

Good luck with moving all of your treasurers. Now's a good time to get rid of the stuff you no longer want.