Friday, September 7, 2012

Brief Interlude

For a moment, the room looked nice:
But it didn't last.  I still have to deal with this:
All of these things need to go back to a room or out to the garage or ???  Unfortunately time is running out, as I still have to empty this:
before 8am Monday.  Is there any question why no quilting is happening?  OH, how I need to sew!!  Things like blinds cut too big are making me crazy. 

For a change of pace, we've got a visitor.  Charlie and Edgar are keeping tabs:  Is he moving?  Do you think we can take him?  I think we can take him.
 oh!  kitties!  yum! 
 No, Roscoe, we are not having kitties for dinner.
Thanks for stopping by.  I am very hopeful that next week I'll have something quiltie to share with you.  Goals are good!


Anonymous said...

I'm taking notes!!! We are talking about getting new carpet.... Oh my. Linda

Quilter Mom of 3 said...

I LOVE this quilt!!