Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dawdling & Avoidance

*sigh*  And I thought the tough part was over.  But it's not.  I've got furniture in every nook & cranny, most of it in the wrong room.  I've got boxes of fabric and notions here there and everywhere but the Studio.  I'm trying to make a dent, but must admit that I welcome distraction, with open arms.

I thought a doughnut would help.  It passed the time, but it didn't get any thing unboxed or put away.  Maybe if I work on the laundry room?  A few loads of laundry later, I decide to wash a quilt.  Well, why not?  It needed washing, doncha know?
 And I play with Roscoe, who has come for a visit.
And I look at my art.  oh my.  So much art!  My husband asks what I'm going to do with it.  If I knew that, it wouldn't be in boxes or on the floor now, would it?
 My daughter majored in Art at Berkeley.  My grandfather painted with oils and exhibited his photography nationally.  My other grandfather also exhibited his photography competitively.
 I've got art coming out my ears, and nowhere to put it. 
Well, there is another bathroom...  I bought these two watercolors by a local artist at least 10 years ago.  I hung them two days ago, for the first time.
 Yes, they're in the bathroom.
 On the opposite wall, hangs this painting by my daughter.  I believe this was one of her first attempts with oil.  This is what our front yard looked like, before we redid it a few years back.  The only things that remain, are the irises.
So.  How am I doing?  The carpet looks fantastic.  And I am getting things put away.  Unfortunately it is a gradual process.  So much to go through, so tired of going through it...

Oh!  And I keep forgetting to mention that the SAQA quilt auction has begun.  If you want to begin or add to your very own collection of art quilts, this is a great place to start.  It's a reverse auction, so the prices go down each day.  The quilts will be sold in 3 waves, as well as at Houston.  Check out the first bunch here.  Happy Buying!!


Nina Marie said...

everytime I do a project in my home I have a bad habit of not putting anything back on the walls. I think that its because I worry if I put it up - I might not like it there or get tired of it!

pb said...

Love the art work and congrats on the best handworkmanship. You need more walls because that "stuff" needs to be put up along with your quilts. Take the wallpaper down and cover the walls with art.