Monday, September 17, 2012


As you know, because I keep telling you, it's been a full week since the carpet layers left.  You would think I would have the house reclaimed by now, but no.  I've earned a great big FAIL in that department.  I've been working diligently, but visible results are minimal, at best.

I've been pleased with my fabric stash.  I reorganized much of it, putting the things I use the most in more easily accessible places.  It's looking lovely, don't you think?  This cabinet is still in the bedroom, but it's now acting as "art" rather than a barrier in the room, as you can see it from the doorway.  The top two shelves hold my batiks, the third has fruit & vegetable fabric.
 Sorry about the flash.  This is the bulk of my stash.  I've unloaded all of the totebags and bins.
Or at least I thought I had.  But when we moved a bookshelf to the back bedroom, what should be hiding behind it but this:
oh dear.  I thought I was low on yellows and pinks on the shelves.  But I'd convinced myself that they were "in the other room," depending upon which room I was in.  I guess I'm going to have to cull through much more aggressively, to see if I can find space to stash these favorites.

The good news is that I sold a lot of quilt accessories at guild last Thursday, so I don't have quite so many things to try to set up in the studio.

The bad news is that the spare room is still full of studio contents, and the bed is still buried. 

I think I had my dread/panic focused on the wrong end of the carpeting project.  Yes, it was difficult to move everything out of every room, even though we did it in waves.  But I'm finding it even more difficult to organize it and put it back once the project was "done."  Apparently, I've run out of steam.  And that's not good news.


sewmuchfun said...

too bad Anna K. isn't there to help you. She is awesome at Quilt room organizing :)

Vivian Helena said...

Looking at all you are going through, I never want to leave/move from this house... However,in saying that, I am getting into the mood to "think" about painting, inside,,, long over due..But there is always another quilt commitment to do first.. have been saying that for 10 years... tee, hee... Yes, the ocean was wonderful.. hope it cools off soon here... suppose to be 90 soon!

Quilt Crazy said...

I could take some of that Fabric off your hands. :)

Quilter Mom of 3 said...

Hi Suzanne!

My name is Elena Boen and we're in the same quilt guild.

I just happened across your page while perusing other quilting/crafting blogs.

I just wanted to let you know that I envy your stash something fierce! and that it looks BEAUTIFUL the way you've arranged it!

Elena's Elations

kat said...

Before you start beating yourself up even more, how organised would you expect yourself to be if you'd moved house? Moving everything IN the house is kind of similar. One step at a time and enjoy the pleasure of reconnecting with all those gems you'd forgotten about!! After all, you do have a cupboard full of rainbows ...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kat. Leave the criticism and just enjoy the moment. And congratulations on getting this far!