Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Honk! Honk! Honk!

My mornings have been punctuated by honking, almost on a daily basis.  The sun comes up, and the honking starts.  It's usually once, sometimes twice.  Today's group did a double fly by.  Honking?  What am I talking about?

Up in the sky!  It's a plane!  It's Superman!  NO!  It' you see them?
 How about now?
 Look at them all!  (You can tell that the sun is not fully up, by the still-grey morning sky.)
Sometimes there are as few as 7 or 8.  Once there was a group of 50 or more.  This flock is a bit larger than I'm used to.  Don't they make you want to pull out fabric and start making Flying Geese?  I tell you, I'm thinking about it!  Any excuse to put off continuing the moving-back-into-the-house-caused-by-getting-new-carpet rut I am currently in.

Only one person has come by to check it out.  It's lovely.  Truly it is.  One of these days I'll post pictures.


Quiltedtime said...

Yep, making flying geese sounds like a good idea. Perfect for autumn!

Vivian Helena said...

Love it, Fall is really coming.

Thanks for popping and commenting on my blog.. I did not want to add, that if I have time for their anniversary, I will do the top of the sheet also.. Will see if I get a "real" Thank you first.

Nights are at lease cooling off. Your "robot" letters are easier to read then mine were.. I took them off and will see how that goes.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

A sure sign of fall coming - finally. I get to hear roosters (yes plural now since they are populating all over our neighborhood) every morning.