Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stage II

Day 2 has come and gone, and wow!  What a difference!!
That wallpaper has GOT to go!!  And the blinds.  Those have been there forever.  Let's get rid of them too!
ooh!  aah!
In addition to moving back into the master suite last night, I had to empty two more bedrooms.  yikes!
Those blinds need to go as well.  And the walls are dingy.  I'd better paint.  Maybe even before I put the furniture back...
Have you noticed anything?  I seem to be a person who needs to SEE where everything is.  I can't organize it, unless I can see it.  That's my explanation for the state of things in all of the "before" shots. I'm not sure I'll show you "before" of the Studio.  It is the stuff reality shows are made of...

It's also the way I quilt.  When I'm working on a new piece, I clear off a small workspace and sit in what looks like the middle of a fabric explosion.  "Where's that green with the little goofy pattern?  I know it was just there...YES!"  Clean up happens when I'm finished.  Not before.

Two of my boys are just like me.  "If I can't see it, I don't remember that I have it."  hmmm.

Believe it or not, almost all of my cupboards and cabinets are meticulously organized.  It's just the stuff that doesn't fit in the cabinets that present the problem.

Can you say, "Yard Sale"?  soon.  very soon.  I can feel it.  :)

(This is true confessions.  If I admit I might have a problem, that's the first step in solving it, right? ;)


Quiltedtime said...

Hey, I am the same way. If I have to put everything away, I am lost. That's why I bought a whole wall of cubbies for my sewing room. It gives my stuff a place, but I can still see it.

Quilt Crazy said...

Let me know when you have a yard sale. I need new junk! Mine is old and boring! :-)

sewmuchfun said...

Wow, that is ALOT of work!! I hope you find something fun and new in all the moves:) Keep up the good work! It is looking beautiful.