Saturday, September 29, 2012

Still Getting Settled

The carpet experience is almost behind me.  My living room has room to live, with only 6 bins of stuffed animals looking for a resting place.  They are stacked, so they don't take up too much space.

The master suite is sweet.  I have two bins left to empty.  Unfortunately there is a debris field on my dresser, but I hope to make short work of it this weekend.  Or tomorrow.  Probably not today.

Some things are finally finding places to land, like this flying quilter:
 See her?  Up in the corner?  Above the sticks and buttons and jars of marbles (behind the buttons).
She was a gift from a friend, from a few years back.  For some reason Laura thought she looked like me.  :)

Today I played hooky, and started quilting a Log Cabin that's been in the "pieced, needs quilting" pile for a year.  It's been basted for months.  I need the pins for something else.  May as well just get'er done!  :)

Goals are good!


Sara Kelly said...

Six bins of stuffed animals!?!?!?! Do tell!!!

Quiltedtime said...

Still scratching my head about that quilting doll....