Monday, October 15, 2012

A Pretty Penny

PIQF takes me to the Bay Area, and gives me a great excuse to stay a day and visit my daughter and her family.  And so I did.

Saturday morning was spent getting reacquainted with Penelope.  I can't believe it had been 3 months since I'd last seen her face to face.  What a time to have such a gap!  She's so grown up now, walking, talking, and generally running the show (or at least trying to.)

I brought my camera, but didn't take many pictures.  It's hard to catch her when she's go, go, go!  A good number of my photos were blurred.  zoom zoom!  zoom zoom!

Before taking a seat in the high chair, she always does a safety check on the buckle.  Okay.  Good to go.

 "Penny?  Isn't that spoon rather big for you?"  She delightedly waves it around, showing that she can wield it as well as anyone.
 The horse needed a workout, and so she gave him one.
 Daddy pulled out his camera.  I hope I get a few copies, because he got some great pictures!
Gramma's camera is always an item of fascination.
 "Penny, let me take your picture.  Please?"
 It was too much for her.  She wanted to do it herself!
We read a few books.  Penny made sure to show me the picture of Mamma, in one of her art books.  Apparently this has been Mamma, since the first time she saw it.  :)
 And eventually, it was nap time.  Sleep well, Penny!  See you later, Mamma!
And it was time to hit the road, and return to the valley.  zoom zoom!  I'm glad we'll be seeing them again in a few weeks.  It's so nice to spend time with my girls!


sewmuchfun said...

Very cute girls! :)

pb said...

Beautiful girls love the little fountain on top of the head.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

She does seem like an active little girl. So cute!

Quilt Crazy said...

She has really got big. what a cutie!