Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This 'n That

So I'm trying to get the house together, still, which not only means thinning furniture, clearing floors, and finding storage places, but also means putting things on the walls.  So much to choose from, so little wall space.  Today I am ready to share the dining room.  Are you ready?

As a refresher, here is the before:
Well, that's a bummer.  Apparently I don't have a before.  Now you won't be impressed.  Here is the after:
 This is the first time I've hung "The Flower Fades" in my house.  I like it!  "The Hills Are Alive" has been hanging here for several years, on the opposite wall.  That's Pearl, in the foreground.
 Notice that the surfaces are for the most part clutter free.  I declare that to be victory!
 But when I show you the entire room, not the snapshot, you see that a computer has migrated to the table, where it does NOT belong, as have cases of Coke Zero, Gatorade, and Lays products.  (We entertain a lot of 20-30 year olds.)
I think I've finished this little quilt.  Does it need anything more?  Or is it done?
 Blogger!  You make me so mad!  Rotate 90 degrees to the left, thank you, putting the blue on the bottom.

And while I've been working, I've bumped into more cats sleeping.  Malcolm, there is no accounting for taste.
 What?  It's my trash lid!  I found it fair and square!
 Edgar has much better taste.  Then again, he does have the run of the house, unlike the ragamuffin who has been banned to the out-of-doors.
Of course this is the quilt that I spent yesterday washing and drying.  It was nice and clean...for about 10 hours.

And that's a wrap.