Thursday, November 15, 2012

Serious Stitchfest

I know I've been quite lax about posting this month.  It's hard to post, when you're on the go.  Go, go, go!

This time it's been a week in Avila Beach, on the Central Coast of CA.  Long story, but this solo retreat was planned long before the week in Maui.  I'm telling you, salt air, roar of the surf, sound of the gulls...I could get used to this!!
This is the view from my room.  This is the view IN my room:
 Sewing machine?  check.
 Ironing station?  check.  Cutting station?  (kitchen counter)  check.
Projects galore?  check, check, check!

oh, yeah.  With nothing to distract me, I've been a sewing fool.  I've even finished a few things, beginning with the baby quilts that I pieced in Hartland at the end of October.
 hmm.  I have no idea why this photo fllipped and wants to be on the left side.  The 4" patches have little stylized giraffes on them.

This quilt has the same back as baby quilt #1 (baby zoo animals), but it's got zebras and panda bears, in addition to giraffes on the front.

 ahh!  Isn't it cute?
 The workshop has been busy, busy, but I think I'll save the rest for later.  Happy quilting!!(Happy quilting, happy quilter!)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

What a nice retreat to get a lot done. Lucky you and I hear the weather has been beautiful there.

Diana said...

How wonderful! I'm going on a one day knitting retreat at an alpaca ranch in Brentwood, CA next month. I'll get to pet Lucy the Llama since I have no access to dogs.

Blessings, Diana.

Quiltedtime said...

Feels good to have big blocks of time to get lots finished, doesn't it? Did you remember to eat? Sometimes I don't when I get really engrossed.