Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grasping at Goals

So today is January 8, the beginning of the second week of 2013.  Am I where I'd hoped to be, quilting-wise?  No, not really, but I helped my daughter organize her house, and that trumps beating this week's quilting goal.

I met my goal halfway, in that one of the surfboards is pieced completely.  I have proof - the proof is in the pictures.
 Above is the finished top, below is the empty design wall.
 Wait, what?  You wanted to see the quilt?  Here it is on the wall:
 Here it is in my hot little hands.
It is supposed to measure 68" x 86".  I've been afraid to take out my tape measure.  Surely it is the proper size.  oh dear.  I just did the math, again.  (Like for the gazillionth time.)  It's only 84" long.  No wonder I made those 1" strips that I was trying to insert.  They were supposed to travel the entire width of the quilt, not just the width of the border.  arg!  oh well.  There's nothing I can (am willing to) do about it now.  :(

I've started the second, matching quilt.
I've actually already sewn together the first row of blocks, plus sashing.  yay! Unfortunately the bulk of my day was spent watching Pixel.  *sigh*  The dog is NOT cute, when all I need to do is sew and all she wants to do is play outside.  Not a good combo for a pleasant day in the Studio.  I got stubborn and sewed.  She got me back by leaving a "present" on my new carpet.  Can I scream now?  Or do I take yet another deep breath and try to let it out slowly, minus the sound?


Goals for week 2:  Perhaps I'll find the time to update my blog's sidebar.  And I really should do a 2012 recap, although it was not a very productive year.  But the main goal?  To have both surfboard quilts quilted by January 15.  I know.  Crazy, right?  This week it is my intention to be an overachiever.  :)  Goals are good!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Great - you're doing great - you can meet your goal. I know you can.

(Plus - when Pixel wants to go outside, take her out. This is why we have a doggie door. :))

Quilt Crazy said...

I'm not a very good planner on my quilts. I never know what size they will end up! But I love your surfboard quilts. And Pixel is CUTE!

Erin Pascal said...

Hi Suzanne! Maybe Pixel wanted to go out because she wanted to put the "present" outside of the house? :) Anyway, Your handiwork looks amazing! I know you can definitely finish both quilts in time. Believe in yourself and for sure, you will be able to do it! Good luck! :)