Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pixel Addendum

Pixel wasn't whining because she needed to go out.  She was whining because she wanted to go out.  I took her out countless times to do her business.  She'll get right to it, then want to chase the cats, and the butterflies, and bark at the neighbors' dogs.  groan.

I would leave her outside, but I'm afraid she'll fall in the pool, so I bring her in for her own good.  She whimpers and cries about that, then stands at the front door, crying for her man. 

Today I am Pixel-free.  I hope I am also productive!


Quilt Crazy said...

I have a small fencing we would put up for our dogs when we went camping. Would you like to try that?

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Hope today was productive and good for you.