Monday, January 7, 2013

Ya Think?

I think she has Gramma's eyes.  ;)
I've spent the day working on surfboards.  *sigh*  I hate it when I add wrong.  I've spent the past 3 hours cutting out more border pieces.  Can't believe I messed up the math.  groan.  Tomorrow.  I WILL finish piecing quilt #1!

P.S.  Thank you so much to all of the recent comments. 
I try to respond personally, but sometimes you don't leave an email link.  Know that I appreciate each and every word!


Quiltedtime said...

Let's groan together. I have one quilt that I think is never going to be finished because I can't seem to measure and cut the pieces for the border to my satisfaction. I also just found a huge stash of rectangles that I mis-cut for another quilt. Fortunately, that one is now finished, but I sure did waste a lot of fabric on it. I'm sure I will use it somewhere.

Quilt Crazy said...

And she has Gramma's heart!

Franki Kohler said...

And grandma's enthusiasm for life -- even more important! xo