Monday, April 29, 2013

Inspired by Sara

Last month, I blogged about our Art Group's design board challenge.  If you missed it, you can catch-up here.

While at retreat, I finished (except for embellishment) my first project.  The project took a surprising twist at the end.  Everyone at retreat held it one way when they looked at it.  I would tell them, "It's upside down," as they oohed and aahed.  As soon as I righted it for them, they looked confused and asked, "What is it?"


I took it back to my room and studied it, upside down.

I began with this:

Which I translated as this:

Flipped, it became this:

Which reminds me of this:

I took the last picture in November, when I was at Avila Beach.  Usually the sunset looked ordinary, but one night there was a big fire near Morro Bay that turned the sky fantastic colors.

Do you suppose this is what they mean when "they" talk about "Art" and "Inspiration?"

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