Thursday, April 25, 2013

Setting Some Goals

My weekly goal setting seems to have gone out the window in the wake of the quilt show.

Now that it is over and done with, and the loose ends are being tied up, I'm ready to resume.  I don't even know which week of the year it is...let's find a calendar, and see what it says...

Wow.  Week #17.  Looks like I missed a month or so of goal setting.  Am I behind?  Or ahead?  Hard to tell.  I think, perhaps, by the time I return on Sunday, I will be Just Right.

I'm leaving the family behind, and heading for the hills for Retreat.  woohoo!  I have plenty of goals for the next four days, but I'm afraid to speak them aloud, for fear I speak them out of existence.

Instead, I'll show you pictures of some of the projects that will accompany me.

These two "baby quilts" came along to the last retreat.  They need to be pieced.
 You've seen this LoneStar before.  I don't like the pink setting squares.  I've got some pale purple in the box, to replace the pink.
 The rocks at the top of this piece need to be quilted, then it needs to be bound. Goals are good.
 This box of beachy scraps has been cut for years.  I'd love to transform it into a background for a quilt swimming in my brain.
 These blocks have also been in a box for years.  They would like to become a top sooner rather than later.
I have other boxes, with other projects, also in the queue, but my flash isn't working, and I haven't packed.  I need to pack if I'm going to head out in the next couple of hours.

The past week was spent walking on the beach and making a birthday postcard for my sister.

Apparently Blogger has some issues with the birthday card.

And on that, I'm off and driving.  My goal for Week #17 is to post some amazing progress reports when I return.  woohoo!  Goals are good!

Have a great weekend!

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You deserve this break. Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing what you moved forward.