Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grand Plans

Okay, so I want to get back on my weekly goal setting.  I know I'm late, but better than not at all...

I believe we're on week #19.  Does anyone else think this year is going by much too quickly? 

Coming right up is the deadline to enter your quilt in Houston.  If you don't enter, you don't get in, right?  Then again, you have to have something to enter...which I'm working on.  Stitch, stitch stitch!

I have hours and hours of handwork in my future, as well as 8 machine-stitched seams, binding and quilting.  Entries must be received by May 30.  On Facebook I've seen more than one quilter concede that she will not make it.  oh dear!  To be received by May 30, it needs to be mailed...before then.  What would we do without FedEx?  ;)

But I'm definitely getting ahead of myself.  Stitch, stitch, stitch!

If I don't blog much during the next couple of weeks, imagine me with my head down, stitching like a mad woman.  Goals are good, and this month's goal it to get something submitted to Houston. 

Stitch faster!  Stitch faster!!