Thursday, May 16, 2013

Still Stitching

Stitch, stitch, stitch!  I'm getting closer to the end.  In fact, yesterday I sewed all the blocks together, and am working on the seam treatments.  I embroidered about 40" late last night, but this morning?  I'm going to take it all out.  It falls short of my expectations.  I have a different look in mind, and about an hour ago I found the perfect trim to pull it together.  Goals are good.

Rejected:  Fly Stitch in variegated perle cotton, size 8

Replacement:  couched trim

It's hard to tell in the close-up, but it does the job I want it to do, at least I think it does.  The only way to know for sure is to pull out the fly stitch and couch on the trim.  Goals are good.

I still have to get the three layers together and quilt them.  More good goals, that's for sure.  I'm running out of time and that deadline is screaming forward.  Other things are getting tossed by the wayside as I focus on achieving the look I want.  I'm much closer now than I was last week, that's for sure.

I've also made a number of postcards and a couple of little quiltlet birthday cards, but I'm not sure what I did with the photos.  oh well.

And I finished up a promised quilt-for-hire on Tuesday. 

It had come into my possession right at Show Time (mid-April), and I said I couldn't do it just then.  I was told, "no hurry."  Well, I don't know if you know me and deadlines, but if you tell me "no hurry," and don't give me a time frame or "finish by" date, it gets pushed down the to do list as other things pop on.  On Monday night, I got an email from the owner.  oops.  She said she wanted to pick it up and do it herself, as I was too busy to get it done.

I love a challenge.

I got up at 6am Tuesday and went to work.  By the time she called at noon, her quilt was done.

I didn't quilt all of it.  She had done the in the ditch, around the applique, and the stippling.  All she wanted me to do was the free-motion work in the borders.  It was a lot of fun, once I actually went to work.  And it was a very nice break from all of the handwork I've been focusing on.  I echoed some of the patterns of the applique blocks.

 And there you go.  Photographic evidence that I am alive and well and quilting like a maniac.  I am hoping that the next time I check in, I'll be able to tell you that my quilt sandwich is together, and the quilting has begun.  Goals are good!

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