Monday, June 17, 2013

Moving Forward

Oh, how happy I am!  The carpet has been replaced, and I can happy dance day and night with that monkey off my back.  Best part?  I have yet to see/find a snag.  On the old carpet, I found dozens on the first day.  I do believe this carpet will hold up to the promised minimum of 20 years of wear and tear.  A girl can dream. 

The good news is that the Studio is back in business.  The bad news is that half of its contents are not in it.  They are in the spare bedroom.  As the carpet fellows moved the things, I realized that the reason moving everything was relatively easy was because so much remained boxed from the first go-around.  The room that was difficult was the Studio, because it was the one room I had unpacked and proceeded to live in.

Hopefully this time I will find a place for everything, and take the time to put everything in its place.  :)

In between moving things back into the Studio, I've been doing some quilting.  High time I got back into gear!  I finished 4 Komforters for Kids (guild project) that had been begun by another guild member.  They're in the bag, and ready to be given to kids in distress.  Check that off the list.  yay!
Doesn't that bare table look wonderful?  I've moved on to working on a quilt-for-hire.  I hope to finish it this week, before moving anything back onto the table.  I also have a Log Cabin of my own, that could quilt up quickly on such a nice work space.

The design wall also came down, so it was blank.  No time like the present to take those glam shots of my latest quilts as promised.

 "Inspired by Sara"
Suzanne Kistler 2013

"Iris Garden" 

 Suzanne Kistler April 2013


This week's goal is to finish the current quilt-for-hire.  Once it is complete, I will focus on returning the Studio to a state of...usefulness.  Sure, it's useful right now, as I'm getting a lot done, but it would be ideal to have everything at my fingertips, instead of in bins and totebags and boxes, stashed on the bed and floor of the room next door.  Goals are good!


Ajay Gupta said...

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Glad this carpet is holding out.

Quilt Crazy said...

Good for you. I hope you never have to do that again!

sewmuchfun said...

So glad you have your sewing room back! I am still in the process of moving, so do not have a sewing room yet!

Collette Knowlton said...

Your 2 new quilts are amazing. I love them. Great work.