Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No Weekly Quilt Goals

Well, with carpet looming tomorrow, there's just no way I can think about quilting.  Instead, I'm imagining dismantling my Studio again, and getting stomach cramps.  Quilting?  Not gonna happen.  I have a couple of pieced quiltlets (5 x 7" cards) that I can embroider in the evenings, but that's about it.  No goals this week, other than carpet.  Anything else is unrealistic.  (Even carpet in a week is unrealistic. ;)

However, I did finish painting the bathroom.  I have a few odds and ends remaining to go on the wall, but other that, it's done, for now. 

I still have to strip the cabinet, stain and seal it; we still want to replace the sink and faucet.  Goals are good.  We'll see when those get done.  Here's where we are to date:

So far the reception of the stripes has been good.  As my oldest boy says, "It totally changes the mood.  I like it!"  yay!  I like it too!

The quilt is currently off the wall and outside blocking.  I made it in 1992 (does that make it vintage?) long before I'd heard of blocking quilts.  Unfortunately the color in the backing fabric migrated to the front while it was drying.  grrr.    Some of the pink has come out, but there's still some remaining in the sky and a bit of the water.  oh well.

Okay.  No more stalling.  Time to prepare for emptying the rooms for carpet.  aaaaaaaaa!!!!!


Quiltedtime said...

I'm feeling for you, Suzanne. I HATE moving anything, especially on somebody else's schedule.

The quilt in your bathroom actually looks great in the picture. My eyes went to it right away. I think it can stay up for awhile :-).

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I really like the stripe on the wall. Love how you blended it.