Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This n That

For our anniversary (in 2 days), my husband bought me a Big Gift.  It hasn't arrived yet, but in preparation, I continue to try to clean up and clear out.  I've been to Rescued Treasures twice in two days.  If I donate a box full of things immediately, I won't be tempted to dig through it and rescue anything myself.  I know.  It's all mind games.  But I'm making progress.

I wanted to clear up and put away another mess, so I put together my Round 17 "Collage" cards for Postmark'd Art.  They went in the mail this morning.  Wanna see?

I raw-edge strip-covered the postcard base, then stippled on scraps of trims and fabric.  Add a lady bug bead and a pot of herbs, zig zag some gimp around the edges, and call it "done."  whew!

It's not much like the collage I made in high school, that had chunks of carpet samples and half a tennis ball, but maybe it will pass.  I don't know what I was thinking, signing up for this particular exchange.  Live and learn!  :)

I spent the bulk of the afternoon hanging art quilts.  I suppose there are too many, and they're a bit crowded, but I really like suddenly having them on the wall and visible.  They make me smile.
 I've purchased them over the past couple of years.  Three of them came from the online SAQA Auction, which will be held again in September.

Left:  "Mittens" by Nancy Brown
Right:  art quilt by Phyllis Cullen

Left:  "Joy Cometh in the Morning" by Margaret Blank
Right:  art quilt by Kristin Eilers
Left:  "Sequoia Mini" by Teri McHale
Right:  "After the Storm" by Sara Kelly

The line of quilts might be a bit busy, but I like it.  The only thing I'm concerned about is that they might distract me from my own work, when I put it up on the design wall.  oh well.  I cross that bridge if I ever get there.  :)

Goal for this week?  Keep clearing out and cleaning up, and get the Studio in ship shape sewing condition.  Goals are good!


Vivian Helena said...

love seeing what you are doing in your studio... I think the art quilts might be a distraction for me also... but looks great... nice way to love them

Sara Kelly said...

I hope the art quilts can be inspiration for you. After all, it's ok to "steal like an artist."

Heather Long said...

Love the texture and colour in your postcards. Great to see all your art quilts, you have a few!