Friday, July 19, 2013

Road Trip!

Pack up the car, and let's hit the road!  First, a stop to check on Roscoe.  He looks okay.
" I am a good dog!  It's not my spot.  Sheila did it."  Speaking of Sheila, if you were Pixel, would you want to play near those fangs?  Not I!
I think I mentioned helping hang a gate and some fence.  My oldest son did most of the work.  Looks good!
Once all was determined to be in order at the walnuts, I headed south.  As I hit Bakersfield, I thought, "Oh!  Ming Avenue!  I can see if they have green trim!"  (Did I mention this was a road trip?)
 My car swung west off the 99, and I found myself here.
 They did not have the green I was looking for, but they did have these.  I had to have them too.
I was delightfully surprised to discover that although they had ended their chip/card/punch program, my card had $15 on it, which was exactly enough to cover the cost of the trim.  Things are looking up!

And then I headed south-er.  That doesn't look so good.
No, it's not so good.  The Grapevine was on fire.
 This was climbing the hill, before Lebec.
 Once past Lebec, we went around the big curve and wow.  You couldn't even see Frazier Park.  The fire had burned up one side of the mountain and was coming down the other.  They were evacuating residents.  oh my.
By the time I got to LA, I found this:
It took me 5 hours to creep to my destination.  By the time I got here, it was almost dark.  I barely had time to unload a few of my bags.  I definitely did not have time to take pictures.

And don't worry about my mentioning the road trip.  Everyone else is home.  Too much to do, no time to spare.  Me?  I couldn't take another week of 100+ weather.  I'm so outta there!


sewmuchfun said...

So lucky for you that you can escape!!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Glad you got there safely. Enjoy your vacation.