Friday, August 9, 2013

A Bit of a Diversion

Lauren Hahn, Cantor Arts Center, as Madeline
photo by Orange Photography

Back in late June, I was contacted by my daughter, who works at the Cantor Arts Center on the Stanford Campus.  One of her co-workers, Lauren, was looking for someone to make a "Madeline" costume for their upcoming Member Appreciation Day on July 14.  It was also Bastille Day, so Madeline, and the art work of Ludwig Bemelmans (some of which they have in their collection) became a focal point of the celebration.

Long story short, I made the costume (minus the hat), and shipped it in time for the event.  An article mentioning it (and me) can be read here:   (Bastille Day at Cantor Art Center)

Back to the present...I have almost finished another UFO baby quilt, and I've been working on a quilt-for-hire.  Perhaps before the end of the weekend, I will have something to show you.

And my next goal?  To have a stated goal by next Tuesday!  hahaha!  Goals are good!!  :)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

What fun.

I hope to have something to show too this weekend. I even made a goals list for August--you are rubbing off on know with the goals and everything. :)

Quiltedtime said...

Good for you! I miss sewing garments.

I have 2 more days before I go back to school. My goal is to finish the feathers in the border of my snails quilt. This is reminding me of the 12 Step program we had several years back, Suzanne. That was the year I finished my Yogini quilt. Very productive.