Saturday, August 31, 2013


This has been quite the week.  The Thimble Towne Color Challenge was due today, at 2pm.  I screeched into the parking lot and turned it in at 1:57pm.  I literally tied off the last knot, threw it into the car, and drove.  I took a lint roller with me, to clean it up once I got there, to be sure I got it in on time.  I was number 37 of 50.  wow.  What a rush!

I gave you a hint a while back, as to what the quilt would look like. 

Inspired this:

I had actual pictures, that inspired the applique, right down to the colors used in the quilt.  Did you know that when the sun comes up and backlights orange petals, they turn a translucent yellow?  It's true.  I have photos to prove it.  Too bad I can't seem to track down the digital images.

The week was crazy, when it came to finishing the quilt.  Our farmer called, and said we needed to do one last irrigation.  Ordinarily I've got two sons to do the job.  This week?  They were hiking in the Sierras.

 It's beautiful out there, under the trees.

 But it can be a bit stressful, if you NEED to be quilting and you're irrigating 10 miles away from your quilt.
The payoff comes within the next two weeks, when these

Turn into these
And head to the dehydrator, then the buyer, then to you.

So there you go:  my week in a nutshell.  hardy har har!  ;)  

I think I'll take tomorrow off.  Catch you next week!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Glad you got it in on time - and I just saw the email that he extended the deadline. So very pretty.

Quiltedtime said...

Whew!!! Glad you made your deadline. You will need a break after that.