Saturday, August 3, 2013


What had been planned as a 3-day trip - drive down Thursday, take classes Fri/Sat, drive back Saturday night - turned into a 17 hour Friday whirlwind.  Up and out of the house by 5:30am, 30 minutes late to the 9am class, shop and visit from 12-2, class ends at 5, clean-up and leave by 5:45.  Home again, just after 10pm.  zoom zoom

It was worth it.  It was either that, or miss the whole thing.  The class was Landscape/Seascape, with Judith Baker Montano.  There were 27 in the class.  We all seemed pretty happy.  :)

 This is my piece, in progress.  Who knows if I'll ever get back to it.  Actually, it photographs pretty well, doesn't it?
 Back on the homefront, Pixel is taking a break.  She's been checking out the new fence, looking for an escape.  Nuthin!  She does seem to be quite thrilled to now be allowed access to the front.
 On the other hand, the strays are now denied access.  So sad.  Poor puppies.  Little Scruffy there, had been small enough to pop through the bars and make the front yard his play pen.  Not any more!
 When I found this on my camera, I was puzzled.  A meadow?  When was I in a meadow?  Then I realized I was trying to snap a photo of a hummingbird that was faster than I am.  This is the front yard...with its yellowing grass.
And that's a wrap!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

You must love to drive! You seem to always be zooming somewhere. If you do nothing with the quilt from the class, I hope you at least learned a new technique you can use somewhere else. Did you do much damaging shopping?

Quiltedtime said...

Yeah, Suzanne, how much did you buy? That is the one thing I really missed about not going this year, but at least my wallet won't be yelling at me. They just have so many pretty things at those shows!