Monday, September 2, 2013

Still Homeless

 Now that my TT Challenge quilt is done, I have time to concentrate on placing these dogs.  Happy is a good dog.  She's calm enough to not freak at the cats every single time she sees them.  She LOVES people and LOVES attention, and will hold still long enough for me to hose her down when she comes to visit.  (It's dirty at the walnuts.)

But I have an unfenced pool, and she squeezed through the fence that we just put across the old dog run.  I was going to try her out here overnight, but the pool is just too dangerous for a dog unfamiliar with pools.

 Happy wasn't the only one visiting.  Homeless was here too.  He's a barker.  He's an excellent watch dog.  Unfortunately, he comes unglued when he sees cats, and I have 4 outside cats.  Not a good combo.  bark!  bark bark!  bark bark bark bark!  I sent him back to the walnuts.
 Pixel thinks they're fun enough to play with.  She's convinced that Happy's ear is one of her chew toys.  She spent the afternoon chasing Happy, so that she could chew on Happy's ear.  yum, yum!
Ahh, look at that fine figure of a...whatever she is.  All personality, and charming at that.

Maybe we'll end up dog-sharing Happy, the way we kind of dog-share Pixel.  Stranger things have happened.

But Homeless?  He's had 3 chances in Visalia.  He was much calmer on Day 3, than he was on Day 1, but I can't deal with the barking.  Occasional barking?  When people drive up?  That's fine.  But barking every time he sees a cat?  Give me a break!  ;)

Anyone know anyone who wants a nice little dog?  Happy is 15 lbs and spayed, Homeless is 12 lbs and looking for love.

Call me.  Email me.  Find me.  They are desperate for people of their own.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Cute dogs and the way you describe them is wonderful but I have 3 dogs already and about 4 or 5 stray wild cats that we feed daily. Good luck.

Quiltedtime said...

Between you and I, Suzanne, we are up to our ears in pets. Thankfully, God has been very generous with me as of late, which has allowed me to be generous with them.