Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beautiful Little Show

The day before hitting PIQF, our Itty Bitty group traveled to Porterville, to see an Art Quilt Exhibit with quilts made by local quilt artists.  (I used the "a" word.  Aren't you proud of me?)  This is the second or third time they've held this sort of exhibit, it's the first time I've participated.  wow!  I've been missing out.

Even the doors are worthy of note.
Inside was a magical space, filled with beautiful little quilts.  They were individually lit, so that you could see them quite well.  The only issue I had with the lights, was that the didn't photograph evenly.  oh well.  You know what they say about beggars...

The show was dedicated to our friend Wanda Dunavan.  She passed away unexpectedly on Sept 14, but her quilts live on.  This was her Thimble Towne Color Challenge, I believe it was the last quilt she finished.  If you click on the photo, you may be able to read the dedication.
Two of Kristin Eilers' "Whimsy" quilts were there.  I have a brown one, hanging in my studio.  :)
 There was some sculptural 3-d work, with Beth Shaffer's Foxglove,
 And DeAnn Farris' latest blossom...
 Every nook was filled with quilted delight.
 We were surrounded by quilts!
 As I mentioned, I shared some of my work as well.  The icicle on the left side of the above photo is mine.  Here's a close-up, for Mr. DeMille...
 And finally, here is "Crazy About Green," hanging for the first time.  I was thrilled to see how flat and beautifully it hung!  Now if I can just find a quilt show that allows tied Crazy Quilt entries!!
I think the show ends this week.  I'm sorry we didn't get out there sooner, so we could give you a heads up and encourage you to make the trip.  Next time, I'll let you know, so you can mark your calendar!


Beth said...

Thanks for coming to the show - I was so excited that your quilts were with us.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I love when a community supports fiber arts. Lots of beautiful talent in that room.

Quiltedtime said...

Ten years ago, who would have thought that there would be so much art quilting going on in the Central Valley? Awesome.