Friday, November 8, 2013

A Few Quiltlets, A Few Costumes

I've been dawdling, not getting down to business.  Rather than focus, and do something Important, I've fiddled with strips and postcards.  In between, I made some quiltlets, in celebration of a couple of birthdays.

Monica, my middle son's bride-to-be-some-time-next-year, needed a card, so I made one for her.  Hopefully it has arrived in Missouri, which is where they now live.  I added some crazy patchwork around a snippet from an antique applique/embroidered pillowcase.  (It was stained and torn.)
 For my youngest, I stuck with the beach theme, and scattered some beads, coral, and shells along the shoreline.
 Here he is, with his quiltlet.  I have LOTS of photos of him holding quilts up for photography.
All my kids can moonlight as professional quilt-holders.  :)  Here he is, back in high school, with a new birthday quilt.
 Here he is again.
 And again,
 and again, with his brother, (the one who's getting married),

 Here he was, in college...

Can you tell I like to make costumes?

Speaking of which, I just received some photos of Belle.  Here she is, during the candlelight art walk around the Cantor Art Center, back in October.

 Isn't she beautiful?
I'm pretty pleased with the way her dress turned out.  woohoo!

It was nice to receive these in my inbox.  I also received a, "We regret to inform you" note from Road to CA.  If I entered two quilts, and only got one email, is that a good sign?

Finally, I recently joined the online presence of Postmark'd Art.  You can see my page here.  :)

See me smile.  :)

And now, I think I'll go play around in the Studio some more, even if it's nothing Important.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Sorry about Road - but at least you try and enter. The belle costume is beautiful--a real princess. And does your son know that you are posting all those pictures of him? :)

Quilt Crazy said...

Road is wrong!