Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Unauthorized Multiplication

Have you ever noticed that if you open a box of scraps, sew for 2 days, and make an entire quilt top...when you look at the box, there are more scraps than there were when you began, even if you didn't add ANYTHING to the process except thread?
 It's baffling.
And makes me wonder what, exactly, that fabric does, when the lights go out.  ;)


Quiltedtime said...

The same thing happens in my closets. The fabric has babies.

Heather said...

I find fabric in my bins that I swear I've never seen before in my life. I think it migrates.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Same thing happens to me. I think we'll have to put a secret camera in the studio one night just to see what they are doing.

I love the strip quilt - they go so quickly and really do use up quite a bit of strips.