Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wave of Creativity

I was going to call it a storm, but it wasn't, not really.  A storm would have lasted longer, with more obvious results left behind.  It was merely a wave, a blip on the screen.  But if you catch it, and ride it to shore, you can feel the exhilaration, even if it is short-lived.

wow.  I must be tired.  I'm babbling.

Yesterday's task was to begin cleaning the Studio.  After retreat, it was used as a dumping ground.  Oh my.  I excel at dumping.  But as with most of my studio-cleaning efforts, I once again attempted to sew my way out of the mess.  You'd think I would realize that it can't be done, but that never stops me from trying.

Postmark'd Art is nearing the mailing deadline for Round 18.  All cards need to be mailed by Nov.30.  I started my blanks weeks ago, fusing on the backgrounds, but I hadn't made the time to finish them.  hmmm.  If I finished them, I could check something off my list.  Well, you know me and my lists and my goals.  Let's get 'er done.

The theme I signed up for was seascape/shoreline.  I thought there was some flotsam & jetsam in there too, but it wasn't on my printout.  oh well.  I added it anyway.  These are the cards I made.  They go in today's mail.
 Each card has a chunk of polished abalone,
 and some puka shells,
 I zig-zag'd yarn around the edge,
 oh, and added trim "trash."  My current motto:  no trim is too small...bad news for those trying to make headway when sewing through stash.  ;)
It turns out that I made a couple of extras, so I'm sending this one to my sister.  She's had a rough couple of months, and I want to let her know I'm thinking of her.
 This one is set aside.  I'm sure it will find a home in the not-too-distant future.  It may also need a sailboat added to that dark blue strip, but I need to find the right print before I commit to that idea.
While I was at it, I made the binding for that Sew Eclectic Design Board piece that I put together at Retreat.  It's just about sewn down.  I think I'll make the sleeve and label today, so I won't have to think about them again for a while. 

Actually, I have a stack of labels that need to be made.  Perhaps that should be my goal this week: to get caught up on labels.

It's not much of a goal, but if I tack it to a larger goal of "clean the Studio," I might just have something to show for my time.  And we all know that goals are good, right?

Happy Stitching!!


pb said...

Boy you did get busy. I love the cards. Making cards is fun. Need to make a few myself. It is a good way not to clean the "room."

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Beautiful cards.

Do you actually have a written list of goals somewhere and do you physically get to check things off?

Vicki Carroll said...

Pick me! Pick me! I love your art work, and I love the ocean! (How's that for shameless bravado.)

Quiltedtime said...

You outdid yourself on these, Suzanne. Lovely!

Heather said...

Love your cards especially the effect of the edging. I so need to get mine finished off!