Friday, December 20, 2013

A Little Tree Trimming

I've been asking people to share some of their favorite Christmas memories, and "people" includes some of my kids.  I'm surprised by how few of their peers have anything to say.  "Oh, it's family" seems to sum it up. 

I was asked for a "favorite Christmas morning memory."  Now that's tough.  I have a lot more memories of the days leading up to Christmas, particularly Christmas Eve, rather than the actual morning itself.  That day was always centered around my mom cooking huge meals in the kitchen and us girls setting the table, clearing it, ironing linens, polishing silver, and setting it again.  My grandparents (mom's side) and good friends Nana & Mayme would be there.  I know it was good, because we'd do it again the next year.  :)

My mom was always particular about the tree.  The lights had to be just so, so she put them up.  Ornaments were to be hung with greater care than stockings by the chimney.  :)  We always had tinsel, until tinsel was made from plastic.  I think the lack of tinsel really changes the feel of the tree.  It always feels like it's missing something, even when fully loaded.

And believe me.  My tree is fully loaded.

I finished at about 11:30 last night.  I still have decorations to take care of - there are boxes all over the floor - but now that the tree is decorated?  I can move on to other things.

Like company. 

The kids begin arriving this afternoon, and I have much to do before I head to the airport.  I'm sorry the blog has been spotty.  My lists don't seem to be shrinking at all.  Penny's quilt is just about finished, my car broke down and was in the shop for 3 days, I've done half my shopping and wrapped none of it...Christmas is coming so quickly!  Who moved it to the 25th?!  ;)

But busy, busy, busy does not mean that we don't take time to spend with friends.  The Itty Bitties gathered for our itty bitty Christmas breakfast yesterday.  I'm getting quite the collection of these yearly photos.
Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

 And she gave birth to her firstborn son; and she wrapped Him in cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.  Luke 2:7

That's what Christmas is all about...


Barbara Sindlinger said...

I can't believe how huge your tree is. It's beautiful. Have a great Christmas with family! Go make memories for Penny to remember when she gets older!

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

My mom was also very picky about the tree. She, too, did the lights and then we put the smaller ornaments at the top and graduated to larger ones toward the bottom. And tinsel... one strand at a time. It was always a beautiful sight. Have a wonderful time with your family all in the same place at the same time!! Merry Christmas. Linda

sewmuchfun said...

Beautiful tree and beautiful friends!

Quilt Crazy said...

Very beautiful! Enjoy your family and the reason for the season.