Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 UFO List - YIKES!

Now that we've put 2013 to bed, it's time to start afresh in 2014.  Goals are good, and have I got some grand ones!

To begin with, there's my 2014 UFO List.  Is it shorter than the list from 2013?  Not hardly.  I may have crossed off 8 items, but each and every one has been replaced by something.  No lack of confidence or feelings of intimidation here.  Surely they will all be finished, some day.  Maybe, just maybe, that day will come in 2014.

Here's my list as it now stands:
  1. Rose Window Grad Q for Andrew
  2. Pastel Lone Star w/Sweet Peas for Penelope (needs applique)
  3. Coxcomb for Allison&Jeff (needs trapunto finished)
  4. Log Cabin – BOTV floral fat quarters (basted)
  5. strip quilt – 6” blocks (basted)
  6. strip quilt – 8” blocks (basted)
  7. baby quilt - (basted)
  8. baby quilt – (basted)
  9. Christmas Leftovers Q for Penny
  10. Oceanside Surfer Q – Inspired by Sharon Scholta (needs quilting, embellishment)
  11. Free form Ocean (needs applique)
  12. Surfboard Q #3 – finish piecing, writing pattern
  13. Dog Q for Dick Heers – pieces cut, just sew it!
  14. Charlie in Color and Black and White – applique done, just sew it!
  15. Flying Penguins – pattern done, start cutting and sewing!
  16. Yellow Floral Bed Quilt – hire a quilter, and donate it!
  17. Turquoise Tropical Medley – either add to it, or quilt it!
  18. Bright/Black Feathered Star – either make more stars, or finish it!
  19. Kathy Sandbach 2 block Q – finish the quilting!
  20. Pansy Q – finish the quilting!
  21. President's Quilt, on point – finish border applique!
  22. Allison's Dinosaurs – quilt it
  23. Grandmother's Flower Garden (w/black background) – make a decision!
  24. Grandmother's Flower Garden (purple/green) – make a decision!
  25. Rainbow Charm Block Q – finish HQ
  26. “Buddy” - Nancy Brown terrier Q for WAJ
  27. Sharon Schlotzhauer Butterfly Q – finish applique
  28. 12 days of Christmas blocks – make a decision?
  29. Nutcracker panel
  30. Cow Christmas Panel
  31. Chicken Kit Quilt
  32. Noah's Ark (upside down rainbow)
  33. *Choose This Day
  34. *Mineral King – yellow flowers Q
  35. *Splashing in the River of Joy
  36. 3 Lilies
  37. strip-pieced squares/rainbow-ish...gotta do something with it!
  38. Hoffman 2006 leftover strips, bias squares
  39. Beautiful America
  40. Walnut Quilt – have the fabric, deadline is September
  41. BOTV Challenge
*have been living in my head for more than a decade.

Other quilts to make, but I don't even have the fabric or idea yet:
2014 Calico Mermaid Iris Challenge
2014 Hoffman Challenge

Do you think I have enough to keep me busy this year?  I think, just maybe, I might. 

And this doesn't even count all of the new projects that will spring forth from nothing as the days progress.  Lots to do, goals are good, and there's no time like the present to begin.

First up:  finish a Christmas card (quiltlet) that just needs binding and a signature.  After that, I can begin quilting on UFO #6.  On your mark, get set, GO!!

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Elaine said...

Kay at Quilted time referred me to your blog. Why is it misery loves company:) My UFO list isn't 40+ long-because I am not that prolific but it is longer than it was last year and I agree-yikes! Love your finishes however-vibrant, alive with energy-beautiful work!