Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pet Pics

So I've been doing computer work for the past couple of days, and the sewing machine sits idle.  The computer work is quilt stuff, there's a quilt show currently in the making, doncha know?  ;)  Check out our Best of the Valley website for 2014 show and entry information.  Yes, we want you to enter your quilt.  You don't have to live in the valley, you just have to have finished your quilt.  It's a great show, believe you, me.  I may be biased, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  :)
I also received a "congratulations" letter from AQS Lancaster.  Looks like "Strelitzia" is going to do some traveling this year.  (It's currently in Ontario, entered in Road to CA.)

The other day someone asked why I say I'm a cat person, when all I talk about are the dogs.  That's easy.  I love my cats, but they're mad at me.  They don't love dogs, and allowing Scruffy to permanently take up residence in their territory is so far the unforgivable sin.   However they are not so angry as to refuse to come into the house.
In contrast, the dogs are happy, happy, happy.  Especially Pixel, who's currently visiting.

 And true to form, there's always, always the unexpected photobomb.  Scruffy!!


Elaine said...

We were down to 2 cats and no dog for a year and a half. We had lost my 20 year old Buttons (cat) and our 2 10 and 14 year old Dizzy and Sadie all within months of each other. Our last two cats moved to the top of the realm and were very happy-and then there was Lizzy, our new Miniature Aussie. Bella and Bertha still look at me with disdain and it has been a year and a half-no one can shun you like a cat:)

Barbara Sindlinger said...

My mind has been busy working on the challenge - not so much my hands. Still thinking. Time is running out.