Tuesday, February 11, 2014

zoom, zoom

Seems like it's been forever since I've visited with you all.  It's not because I'm off vacationing or doing anything amazing.  No, I'm just running through the busy-ness of life.

Last week I went to Tri-County Walnut Day, and filled my brain with walnut research.  When I arrived, I saw the first wildflowers of 2014, waiting for me in the parking lot.

All it took was a bit of rain the week before to cause them to pop up their pretty little heads. 

By the time I left the seminar, it was pouring rain.  By Sunday, the Sierras were beautifully dusted with snow.  Thirty minutes later, when I grabbed my camera, more snow clouds had settled in to work.  This was all I could get.  You probably have to click on the photo to see if you can spy the mountain.

On Saturday, I zipped down to Bakersfield, for the Cotton Patch Quilters' show.  It's always fun to see other shows, and this one is a favorite.  For pictures, check out Kay's blog, here

For the most part, I've been finishing up my personal entry for Best of the Valley, along with processing the entry forms that continue to arrive daily.  I still need to add the sleeve, so that I can get a good picture, but other than that?  My entries are done.  yay!

As a celebration, I finished a birthday card and popped it into yesterday's mail.  So pretty.  This is a favorite.
Well, apparently Blogger thinks it looks better on its ear.  We're back to this now, Blogger?  What have I done to deserve this treatment?  grrr.

And on that, I'd better sign off.  Today I'm off to the World Ag Expo for some hand quilting.  woohoo!  It's all quilting, all the time!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Hope you had fun at the Ag Expo today. My hubby and his dad went today too. The Bakersfield show was great and makes me want the BOTV show to come sooner. I'm excited to see all the challenge quilts and to ready their stories.

Quilt Crazy said...

I love the Wild Flowers. That would make a pretty Quilt. I see quilts everywhere!

Quiltedtime said...

Zoom, zoom!!! is right. You left the CPQ show before I could get a picture of you. Thanks for letting us use your quilt display frames. They were awesome.