Friday, March 14, 2014

Taking a Break...

I did get some sewing done on Wednesday.  Not the two hours that I coveted, but long enough to put a back on this weave that I'd done several months ago.  On Thursday morning I added the machine applique, and delivered it 30 minutes later.  Happy Birthday, Elaine.  ;)

I was on my way to guild, where we were treated to a wonderful presentation from Molly Hamilton-McNally. 
Oh, how I wish I could have taken her class today! 
Instead, I had quilt show plans.  I ended up doing a lot of quilt show driving, rather than the typing I'd expected, but it was all good.  Now I won't have to do the driving on Monday.  whew!

I had trouble finding the engraving place - I was picking up name tags - and went too far.  oooh!!  Thrift shop!

I hadn't planned to buy any furniture, but the deal was too good to pass up.  Check it out:

This beautiful wood table called out to be rescued.  I brought it home with my daughter in mind.  She has first dibs.  If it doesn't work in her home (she's got an itty bitty living space) then I'm sure I can find a place to stash it here.  And if not here, then there's plenty of room at the walnuts.

Where, surprise, spring is springing most energetically.  Check out the difference one week makes!
The catkin is bursting out all over.  Let's hope it makes lots and lots of nuts this year, and prove that sometimes money does grow on trees!  :)


Quiltedtime said...

That table was definitely a great find. Lucky you!

Quilt Crazy said...

What a great table! That would be hard to pass up.

That workshop would have been great! Next year I hope to be able to join the Valley Oak Guild. My days will be free! See me smile. :)

sewmuchfun said...

00h, I love that table!!