Wednesday, April 2, 2014



I'm sorry.  I haven't forgotten you, it's the time.  Where does it go?  My days have up and gone to Lindsay, preparing to open our doors to the public in...two days?!!  Really?!!!

The quilts came in on Monday.  I forgot to take pictures.

By the time I took out my camera, we were getting ready to cover the quilts.  See that pile on the right?  That's the second class, waiting for the judge to arrive first thing Tuesday morning.  The first class of large quilts is set up to the right of the second, outside the frame of the camera lens. 

The first two classes of small quilts are behind the black curtains.

On Tuesday, Chris Brown and Elizabeth Spannring arrived to do the judging.  For the most part, I forgot to take pictures.

I'm not sure what was happening here.  Elizabeth is hidden by the ladies, who are waiting to spring into action.  The judging was moving along full speed ahead.

Here, Chris considers one of the small quilts on the far table.  Next to that is a table awaiting her judgment, the next long set of tables has quilts held out for consideration during the category.  In the foreground is yet another judging category, awaiting its turn.  It was a long, LONG day.

The judges were WONDERFUL!!  Each quilt was given her total attention, and was thoughtfully considered.  The comments were wonderful, and appropriate to each quilt.  Their stamina was impressive.  They had a very difficult job to do, and did it exceedingly well.  We were all extremely impressed.  A witness to that would be that no one left early.  Oft times some committee members start flagging, and have to leave.  Not this time, I think they all stayed to the very end.  wow.  Such dedication!  I love my ladies!!!  :)

oops.  The clock reads 5:52am, and I'd better get dressed.  I need to be on the road within the hour, if I'm going to get there on time today.  Yesterday we had FOG, which was a welcome reminder of moisture after the previous day's rain, but it also means that driving the speed limit can be foolhardy.

Keep checking back, for more show info.  Or, better yet, find and "like" the Best of the Valley Quilt Show page on Facebook, and/or come to see the show in person.  April 4-6, 2014, 10-5 on Fri/Sat; 10-4 on Sunday.  I'll be there.

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