Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm in LOVE!

Well that caught your attention, didn't it?!!

If you're expecting juicy details, sorry to disappoint.  But if you want to hear my love story of wonderful singing appliances, you're on the right blog.

Last week we had a quilt show.

I believe that it was Tuesday night, but perhaps it was Monday, that my dryer tried to catch fire.  I didn't see flames, I didn't see smoke, but I smelled SINGE all through the house.  The interior, instead of being white enamel, was charred brown.  Curiously enough, the docent gloves, came out odor free.  Very, very strange.

So fast forward to Monday, yesterday.

Last week, my husband offered to "help," so I asked him to buy me a dryer.  He did not.  Yesterday, I went to the appliance store, thinking that all I needed was a dryer that wouldn't try to catch itself on fire.  (The old one was at least 10? 15? years old.)  My biggest requirement, besides "non-flammable" was that it needed a big drum.

"What is your price point?"

I don't want to buy another dryer anytime soon.  All I want is something perfect.  "If it's what I want, it costs what it costs."  crazy, right?

She marched me from mid-range to top-of-the-line Maytags.  The dryer had an amazing drum.  Big, roomy...a girl could fluff a quilt in there!!  But it was the hunky hunk hunk next to the dryer that was the answer to my dreams.  Big, white, top-loading...oh baby, come home with me, please!!!

I stopped looking at the dryer, and tried not to drool over the washer.  See, I've had this black, front-loading washer for about 7 years.  It was really cool to look at, and came highly recommended, but if you're a quilter - and you probably are, if you're on this blog - you really need to be able to fill a tub for soaking.  That is impossible with a front-loading washer.  I learned that about a week after I brought that thing home, and have been irritated with it ever since.

No longer.  I have a new love, one that I did some intense bonding with today...
 In fact, it's so wonderful, I was able to catch up on all of my laundry, and move onto washing my way through a stack of fabric that I'd been building since December.
 Isn't it beautiful?  Wonderful?  Marvelous?  No more bending over the tub or the sink, to prewash anything.  I can do it in the washing machine.  Incredible invention!  Someone should have thought of it before 2014!!!

Should I stop gushing now?  I'm thrilled, truly thrilled.  Happy, happy, happy!

I'll leave you with the blog photo I started the day with...guess who is NOT a morning dog?  ;)  I'd opened the door so that he could go out.  Did he?  No!  He pulled Pixel's bed over his head and went back to sleep.  My kind of dog!!
And that's a wrap.  Thanks for hanging in there to the end...  :)


Quilt Crazy said...

I'm so happy for you! I have a front load washer too. And I wish I had the top load back! Quilters need top load washers! I should have thought of that!

And your little dog is pretty smart. I wish I could have done that.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Practical machines and pretty! Glad you are happy with your new purchase. I have never heard any good stories about front loading machines that I have never been tempted. How cute is your puppy. I think we all feel like that most mornings.