Thursday, April 17, 2014

Looking Forward

I was going to call this "Surfacing for Air," but then I realized that was the title of my last post.  Could I be stuck in a rut?  possibly.

My quilt show paper piles are dwindling.  yay!!  I can take time to wander around the yard, snip iris deadheads, and go out to visit the walnuts.  The trees are gorgeous.  There's just nothing like walking through a grove of 50 year old trees.  My son's friend was pretty descriptive when he called it "The Walnut Forest."  It's like Christopher Robin's 100 Acre woods, only it's 17 acres.  :)

I took the doggie with me, and let him loose.  He was SO thrilled.  run, run, run, run!!  He couldn't run fast enough.  The boys had started irrigating the night before, so there was 4-5" of water that he could splash in and out of.  He loved it!

I pulled out my camera, and tried to capture his exuberance.  I failed.  He was too fast.  But my camera did a great imitation of Monet, and I think these could easily translate into a quilt, if I am so inclined.
 This is my favorite:
 This is the runner-up:
By the time I was ready to leave, he was one happy pup.  Messy, filthy, gross...and completely delighted with himself.  He sat on the floor, not the seat, on the ride home, and it didn't bother him one little bit.
Do you suppose this is what they mean, when they refer to "dog days"?  Probably not, but if my days were half this fun, I wouldn't know what to do with myself!!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Happy Dog! Happy Dog! Love to see pictures of happy dogs!

And flowers.

And quilts.

Quilt Crazy said...

I think one of those would make a great quilt! And if we were only as easy to make that happy. Life would be so grand.