Monday, May 5, 2014

Coming and Going

zoom, zoom!

So Empty Spools wrapped up on Friday, and I drove 4 hours home.

On Saturday, we were back in the car, driving the 4 hours to Granite Bay (east of Sacramento) for a wedding.  Our son's long time friend and roommate "We lived together for so long, we considered filing jointly!" married his college sweetheart.  Our son's wedding is taking place in July.  They are all grown up!  wow.

Here are some pictures of the blessed celebration:

Flowers lined the aisle - they were in quart canning jars, suspended from shepherd's crooks.  Very clever and quite lovely!
 The arch was woven with wisteria.  Also very lovely.
 The father of the groom performed the ceremony.  Doesn't MattMatt look seriously excited?!
 I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mesias!
 The bridal couple was set apart in an origami crane-lined pagoda.
Here are our July bride-to-be and groom.  They came all the way from Missouri.  woo!
 Our other son was also there.  (He wasn't so happy about mom's camera.)  He looked very sharp in the pinstriped suit and bolo tie.  :)
And now I'm home (again) and trying to play catch-up.  I've been putting away my gadgets from the David Taylor class.  If I can clear out enough space, I might just be able to start working on my project.  woohoo!  Goals are good!!

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