Friday, May 9, 2014


It has been very nice to be home.  Sure, there's lots of catch-up to do around here, but I'm also in a place where I can sew when the urge strikes me.  And it's been striking a lot!!

David Taylor taught me to master my Tiara, rather than allow the Tiara to master me.  Within a couple of days, this string-pieced quilt was quilted and bound.  woohoo!!

I guess the pictures aren't too wonderful - the quilt is much better in person.

I've got the next one ready and waiting for attention.  yay!
It is also a string-pieced UFO.  It will be fun to get it finished and out of my closet.  yay!

I was clearing off my dresser yesterday, and found the birthday gift I bought for my sister.  oh.  whoops.  Her birthday was in April.  I had a deferral, since she indicated an interest in a Cardinals tshirt, and I was headed to St. Louis.  But I've been back from there for a while, and her gift was still in the plastic bag.  oops.  It is now in the hands of FedEx, along with this:
Really?  Blogger?  Why?
I had two horizontal images, and it flipped them both.  gar!

I'm still behind on cards, way behind.  But I can cross one off for now.  yay!  Baby steps.  It's all baby steps.  :)

I'd tell you what's next on my list, but I don't know what it will be.  I want to do this, that, and the other thing, all at once.  Can't wait to see what what it will be.  Stay tuned...


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Glad you are using your Tiara. I know using new stuff is intimidating and takes a while to get the hang of. It's easy to go to the old one because we know all it's finicky little parts.

Can't wait to see what you are going to work on next!

Quilt Crazy said...

Nice to have more move to quilt. I wish I had room for one. But.. Oh well. I like your quilt too.

Sylvia said...

I did not know that you had that machine, glad you learned how to master it! I used to make postcards for swaps. I have a basket full of postcards from defunct yahoo group. I then did one swap with Postmark'd art (I think, there were two blog based groups at the time, about 2008) and there was such a lack of follow through I kind of gave up. Seeing your cards makes me think I should try making some postcards again.