Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Postcards

On Tuesday, I worked on my last group of cards for the Postmark'd Art exchange.  The theme is "Spring."  Well you all know what Spring is in my book, right?  It's iris!  And flowers!  And a blooming garden!

Sometime ago, I'm not sure when, I'd made some green blanks.  Odds are that I'd started my Spring cards, then put them back in the box and forgot them.  It happens.  But I found them, and started fiddling.

oh look!  I attended an estate sale quite a while back, and brought home a brown bag STUFFED with goodies.  Right on top, I found some ribbon roses.  Just the thing for Spring!

huh.  Facebook turned those cards on end too.  I wonder why?

The cards are very happy.  But they are not flat.  In fact, they are bulkier than the 1/4" limit before earning the title of Parcel.  groan.  The only reason I know that, is because one of the cards is headed for Wales.  I put three in my mailbox, and took the fourth to the post office.

The clerks hemmed and hawed and had a confab, and decided that if I left it as is, I needed to fill out a customs form!!  Areyoukiddingme?!!  Instead, I took it home and stitched the petals as flat as possible.  Then I put it in my mailbox, instead of taking it to the post office.  Let's hope that it finds its way to Wales, eh?

The good news is that the cards I mailed yesterday have not yet returned.  Perhaps they are headed to their destinations?  That would be VERY nice.  They made me smile when I finished them.  Hopefully they will spread smiles to their recipients as well.

Speaking of smiles, I found more pictures in my camera last night.  Who can out-belt Elsa?  Penny can!

Joy to you!