Tuesday, May 13, 2014

zoom, zoom!

The past 6 weeks have been 6 weeks of crazy.  It seems like Best of the Valley was a lifetime ago, rather than just last month.  Since then I've been to St Louis and Paducah and Asilomar.  Then it was off to Granite Bay (Roseville area) for a wedding, then home for a few days.

On Saturday, we headed to San Carlos, for a weekend of babysitting.  We hadn't seen Penny since her birthday, in early March.  It seemed like a year, not two months!  She was happy to have us for a sleepover, while her parents headed to Napa for a wedding-turned-into-long-weekend.  Her mom looked happy and rested upon their return.

In contrast, Penny ran rings around Gramma and Grandpa.  Happy girl, busy girl.  oh.  my.  goodness.  We went to the park and played.  We learned to play "Go Fish."  "Penny?  Do you have any lavender?"  "Yes Gramma, I do.  See?  Thank you!" (and she'd grab my card and add it to her pile).  hmmm.  Grandpa wouldn't let her get away with that, but then again, Penny wouldn't get into it with Grandpa.  ;)

It was tough to keep up with her, but we did it.  Yay Gramma!  Yay Grandpa!!

We've been invited back again.  I think I'll take the next month or so to rest up so that I can keep up better, next time around.

Oh!  And I almost forgot to add this picture.  Pinkalicious!
And now, it's back to laundry and trying to sew something.  If all goes well, I will post again in the morning.  Goals are good!


sewmuchfun said...

So cute! And yes, kids have so much energy!!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

She sounds like so much fun. And smart. Lucky you to be able to baby sit and spend quality time with her. Now go get some sewing done.

Quilt Crazy said...

What a little Princess. Isn't it nice to spend time with them? And then go home and rest?