Monday, June 30, 2014

Put a Line Through It!

Let's call this one "Done!"  whew!

I've been keeping track of my UFO's since around 2005.  Perhaps it's been longer, but I've kept the lists dating back to then.  In 2005, the pansy quilt debuted at #8, though I started it in 1997.

In 2006, it was #21, in 2007, it was #18, in 2008, it was #11.  It usually hovered in the teens, falling to 14, jumping to 12, dropping to 24, then climbing to #18.  Last year it was #20, this year it was again #20.  What does the number mean?  It's a ranking of priority.  You might think that #20 is low on the list, but it was actually mid-level.  This year's list has 39 entries.  (My high has been 47.)

Here it is, in 2009, on the top of the pile.  These were the half-quilted hand-quilting projects on my list.  The other two have yet to be finished.  hey?!  Maybe the black one will finish itself during the World Cup too!  That one is even older, seeing as I started it in ... are you sitting down?  1988.  groan.

In my mind, the pansy quilt was the most boring quilt on the face of the planet.  Not only are the blocks ridiculously simple, but I'd set them in camouflage fabric.  The only quilting that showed was in the white, and there isn't much white.  In addition to the quilting being invisible, I chose to quilt in the Baptist Fan pattern.  It's a historic favorite, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I quickly discovered that I detest it, but I was committed.  It took a ridiculous 17 years to quilt. 

How long does it take to make a quilt?  REALLY long, if it's boring the quiltmaker!!

With all this build up, it had better be good, right?
How's about if you tell me?

Now that it's finished, it's actually kind of cute.  Had anyone else made it, I wouldn't declare it as mind-numbingly boring as it's been to me.  The border is green and purple hyacinth print.  It's looking a bit grey in the photo.

So.  BOOM!  Knock that one outta here and off my list.  The snowball crept forward again this month, and it feels oh, so good!!! 


Barbara Sindlinger said...

It's a cute little quilt. I am amazed that you find time to hand quilt. Glad you got another off of your UFO list.

Quiltedtime said...

The border actually sets off the pansy blocks quite nicely. Feels great to be finished, though, doesn't it?

Del said...
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Del said...

I agree, it is a sweet little quilt. Now to find someone who loves pansies and surprise them with your "boring" quilt. Keep up the good work. I knew a lady who had over 70 unfinished projects, including one she started about 70 years before when she was 10 years old. She has gone to the great quilt guild in the sky and I don't think she ever finished that particular quilt. But she left behind a good story.