Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ta da!!

That's the announcement for a finished project when we're at VOQG retreat.  I'm not on retreat, but I finished something and I'd like to show it to you.  Ta da!!
"Sing Praise"
12" x 12"
Suzanne Kistler 2014

This little birdie is for the SAQA online auction, which is scheduled for later this year.  You can see a number of the auction quilts here

Last week I had the background together.  Does it look familiar?  It's scraps from my Iris Challenge.  I dreamed of making this little quilt, but the days flew by too quickly, and there was no way I could meet the "received by" deadline of June 1.  Too much to do, too little quilting time.  And then, there was a reprieve!  The deadline has been extended to June 15!  They must have heard me muttering that "All I need is a few more days..."  :)

When the days were granted, well, I had no excuses not to finish this little birdie.  I got his silhouette from a photo I took at Asilomar, which I enlarged, flipped, and traced.  The background is machine pieced, the bird is hand appliqued, the quilt is machine quilted.  The embroidery and beading are done by hand.  I know.  You probably can't see the beading.  It's supposed to hint at the bird's lovely song. 

So.  No UFO's done this week, but an itty bitty want-to-do (WTD's?) has satisfied my creative urge.



Quiltedtime said...

Those beautiful greens definitely say Suzanne. Lovely.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Love ta da's! and I love your little birdie. I see the song beads of the song bird. Sweet quilt.