Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Postcards

I haven't been terribly productive this month.  All kinds of plans, no kind of action.  *sigh*  oh well.  Tomorrow is another day, and September is another month.  And at the rate I'm going, it will be tomorrow and then September, before I even blink!!

Yesterday I took a class from Lura Schwartz Smith.  She's an amazingly talented artist, who weaves a magical spell with fabric.  If I had half the talent hiding in her little toe, I'd be thrilled.  :)  The class was learning to distort traditional blocks, using her pattern.  By lunchtime, I'd finished mine.
 After lunch, she guided us in some free-form curved piecing.  I was already familiar with the technique, though she did give a helpful hint that makes a big difference in helping the finished piece lie flat. 
Each evening this week I've worked on the tops for some postcards for this latest exchange of Postmark'd Art.  The theme is Hand Stitching.  Mine should go out on Monday.  There are 5 others in my exchange group, so it looks like I've made a few extra.  I'm sure they'll quickly find homes.

When I was done with these, I bumped into another almost done postcard.  So I finished it.
Somehow I knew that one was going to flip.

And there you go.  Clap my hands together, and celebrate that at long last I've finished something in August.  yay!!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

That class sounds great. I've seen those quilts around and thought you had to be a mathematician in order to create it.