Monday, September 29, 2014

Making Smiles

On Saturday I had the rare opportunity to see one of the recipients of one of my baby quilts.  What a delightful treat!  I was thrilled when I was invited to take a picture.
Mom let Catherine go, not realizing I wanted a second shot.  She grabbed her again, but Catherine was too quick.
Someone likes her quilt.  She was giggling like crazy.  :)

Today I'm working on a quilt for another baby.  He arrived two months early, but seems to be holding his own.  His quilt will likely be finished before he's out of the hospital.
I thought it needed some extra color/excitement, so I'm adding some fishies.

And finally, I made a birthday card last week.  I hope it's arrived at its destination!
And with that, I'm off to the sewing room.  Enjoy your day, make someone smile!  :)

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Quiltedtime said...

Love the fish! Is dad a fisherman?