Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pretty Pleased

Remember back in February?  When I made this quilt?
I hated the way it looked, once I'd trimmed off enough background to make it fit challenge requirements.  So, when it came back into my possession, I took out my rotary cutter, and turned it into this:
SO much better.  But then I was left with this:
That was a lot of quilting, hand applique and silk to even think about throwing it away.  Instead, I kept it on the design wall for several months.  And day...inspiration struck.  I went to work.  Back in Laguna Beach, I did this:
I cut it into 6 pieces, and transformed that chopped off discard into six beautiful postcards.

They were stamped and mailed out today.  yep.  Pretty proud of that "save."  :)

In other news, my "Sing Praise" SAQA quilt (also made from pieces of this same iris adventure) sold yesterday in the online auction.
I hope it makes Franki smile as much as it does me.

yep.  I'm pretty pleased.  :)


sewmuchfun said...

That is so awesome! Congrats on the sale and the save :)

Quiltedtime said...

Congrats on your sale!

And, yep, recycling is a very good thing.