Thursday, November 20, 2014

almost clean

I finished quilting a quilt on the Tiara.  It sits folded by the machine, waiting for the binding to be tacked down.  I'll have pictures soon.
 I cleared off most of the sewing surface of my favorite Bernina 150.  I haven't seen that much formica in months!
 oh, look!  Pieces of the wedding quilt being sewn together.  Baby steps, baby steps.
 Here is the strip quilt, when it was still in the process of being quilted.
 Charlie monitors my activities, when he's not sleeping.  Yes, he's still around, but he's such a lump, every picture of him looks like the last.  :)
 Here is the one thing I finished yesterday:
Today's goal?  To finish binding the quilt, and maybe make another dent in the piecing of the wedding quilt.  woohoo!  Goals are good!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Love my Bernina 150. It is my workhorse machine. Hope you get all done that you need to today.

Quiltedtime said...

You are light years ahead of me in regards to straightening up your sewing room. Mine is a mess.