Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bernina Time

Now that we're back - well, I was back, now I'm gone again - I spent a few quality hours with my Bernina.  I had to finish up this Advent swag for my daughter, before driving to see her this morning.  ( I didn't warn her that I had my camera, so I cropped the pic.)
 I also put together a number of heart ornaments.  Had I the time, I should have embroidered the date on the back.  Oh well.  Next batch will get that identification.
 Each one is slightly different.
 You can't really tell, but the rhinestone buttons are good quality.  I got six of them at an estate sale, and had been saving them for something special.  What could be more special than Christmas?  Not much!
And that's all from the needle for today, folks.  Stay tuned, because I think I'm just warming up!  :)

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