Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lotta Nuthin' ;)

 I had great plans for the past few days, but Friday was blown out of the water.  Or blown up with water.  Or full of water, as in "our power was out for 27 hours."  Not a record for our block, not even close.  I was SO thankful to hear that "beep" of the house alarm as the power kicked back on at 1am.  whew!  Back to normal, and only one day lost.  :)

The outage was caused by the "big" California storm.  For our area it was much ado about nothing, though it did rain and rain and rain.  It was WONDERFUL.  And after all that rain?  We have absolutely no standing water anywhere in our yard.  None of our neighbors do.  Everything soaked into the earth, or went down the storm drain to the ponding basin.  None of it will go to waste.

On Thursday, our guild had our annual Christmas luncheon.  Each group brings their own table settings.  Wendy does our centerpiece every year, and every year it's different.  Don't you just LOVE what she's done with the miniature sewing machines and miniature quilts?  I do!
We gifted blocks to our outgoing President.  The parameters were simple:  12.5", set on point, beige/off white background, featuring a basket.  I put mine off for too long, and the one I finished Thursday morning is too wrinkly.  I will be replacing it with one that isn't quite so embarrassing.  She received quite a variety, and I think her quilt will be delightful.
The buzzards are back.  I'm not sure if I mentioned them.  They've been roosting at the end of our block during winter for the past 3 or 4 years.
They're kind of terrifying.  (He's at the top of a 60 or 70' tree.)

Finally, we have a new lodger at our house.  He started with friends, then made a boo boo on their carpet and was banished to the walnuts.  But another kitty friend who had been banished out there the week before disappeared without a trace.  I think a hawk got her.  Anyway, I thought this guy was too little to be on his own, so I catnapped him.  He seems terrified of the out of doors, but apparently feels really at home in the studio.

Maybe too much at home.

But he hasn't ruined anything yet, so I'm tolerating his kitten antics.  Charlie and Edgar aren't thrilled with him, but he runs and hides behind the washing machine, so they aren't complaining too much.  Whether or not he stays, remains to be seen.  No one has told me I can't keep him...  ;)

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

What a heart of gold you have to take in the kitty. He has made himself right at home. I can't imagine being without power that long. I would have gone crazy. We were very fortunate that we had no problems with power here, however we still have standing water. We call the front of our house/street Atwood Lake. I haven't been getting a lot of sewing done and I've had power. 9 more days.