Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Block A Day, At Least!

I finally set all of my have-to-dos aside yesterday, turned on my music, picked up the rotary cutter, and went bananas.

 It took more than a few hours, to get this block on flannel.
 But by dinnertime, this one was sewn together.  whew!  Only one more star and a bazillion half stars left, as well as seven alternate blocks.  That goal is pretty steep.  I can't believe I'm still telling myself it's going to get done.  What a nut!
The gardener came back yesterday.  He was very embarrassed about the state of my yard.  Apparently he was in the back and his guy in front didn't know the difference between iris and daylilies.  I think he does now!  Isn't this just the most distressing photo of iris you could ever imagine?
 I am very thankful that the assistant did not notice the iris bed hidden by my car.  See?  I knew they bloom in February!  The first bud is making itself known.
I have the feeling I'm going to celebrate this year's iris blooms even more than usual, since I expect them to be very few and far between.

I think I'll go sew, to take my mind off of it.

Happy Quilting!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

So sad about your flower garden. Glad you started sewing. Feels good right?